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Our Process


We work together to identify the target audience and discuss campaign goals; what are you wanting to achieve? Once we know the target audience and the campaign goals, we analyse media consumption habits for the target audience.


We use a nationally representative database called Nielsen Consumer & Media Insights (CMI) to build our understanding of your audience, using the most up-to-date data available in the market. We use this data to inform channel selection, and ensure we are reaching the right people with our advertising.


Media channels are recommended based on a number of factors, and all media plans are bespoke to meet the needs of your campaign. We work within your budget, and can start with a budget as low as $5,000.


At this stage we will also discuss creative; what creative assets will be needed and what the messaging might look like. We can work with you to create assets if needed, and we can also assist with website and landing page design.

We will provide you with a media plan outlining the channels, creative sizes, costs, and deliverables, as well as a short presentation justifying the use of each channel and how each adds value to your campaign.


We are an independent agency and as such we work for you to obtain the best deals possible. All costs are upfront and transparent from the beginning - there will never be surprise costs and you can always see where your money is being spent.


With our many years in the New Zealand media market, we have built strong relationships across all media networks and will obtain competitive discounts for you.  We ensure fast turn-around, so once approved we can get your campaign booked and in market quickly.


Once your campaign is booked and the material has been supplied, we continue to optimise the campaign. Depending on channel selection, this might be daily or a couple of times per week. Keeping a close eye on the campaign as it runs ensures that your investment is continuously being optimised.


We may look to tweak or add additional targeting strategies based on mid-campaign learnings or new products which come to market. We keep you in the loop by providing a monthly or mid-campaign report (depending on campaign length), and provide digital dashboards with real-time updates for all digital activity.


We will provide you with a post-campaign analysis report, which presents the results delivered, meaningful insights, and how the results compare to the initial KPIs. Our reports are designed to be clear, meaningful and useful, so you can present the report to your stakeholders with confidence.


We also benchmark the results against the industry standards, so you can see which channels have over-performed.  

It is also important to know what  is recommended for next time, so we provide practical insights to inform future campaigns.